A stepping stone in the world of Internet - AIRTEL 4G

In today's world, people are running faster than light, well metaphorically. But truly, we are so active and want everything in a jiffy. A pizza is delivered at our doorstep in less than 30 minutes. We find new ways to get things speed up. We do not have the patience to wait for anything. And especially we youngsters are the most impatient ones. We want everything just a click away and as soon as possible. I am an Internet hoarder and just cannot live without my phone and Internet. Sometimes I get annoyed where there is so reception or my Internet isn't working smoothly. Also I'm a blogger, and keeping an eye on everything that happens is my job. A lot of times I lose track of so many important things and updates because my internet isn't fast enough, especially when I am on the move. In situations like these I miss WiFi and wish to stay home. A hassle free fast Internet is my priority and that makes me the happiest. Even though the phone has 3G network, that's not enough. We always want more. And this is a demand that needs to be fulfilled. I think now I might dance in joy as airtel has launched 4G. Airtel is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services.
 How awesome is that. I have a 4G compatible phone, yet no 4G. But my wait is over. Airtel launched the 4G which is faster than anything you can imagine. You must have a look at their TVC and judging by that, it's all you ever wished for. A super fast Internet on your phone. 

The best part is Airtel is home delivering the 4G sim right at your doorstep. All you require is a 4G compatible phone. Also please do not think 4G is going to be expensive. It's going to cost you the same as 3G.You can request for the sim on their website(link given below) and your 4G sim will be delivered with a 3G data pack. You can also tweet to them at @airtelindia and use hash tag #GetAirtel4G and they shall help you in getting a sim. You can have a look at the TVC by clicking on the link (a must watch) - TVC
Also check their new website - www.airtel.in/4G . The site will take you through all the offerings of the product. 

I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it. Fashion blogging and keeping up with twitter and other social media has become easier. This is a once in a lifetime offer and just cannot be missed. Use the technology to its maximum benefit. Get started immediately. What's the delay. This is all we have been waiting for.

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