Summer style guide for college girls

I did my graduation in Delhi and I was lucky enough to experience all the four seasons. The transition from summers to winters demanded transition in our wardrobe too ofcourse. But being in college, I was generally seen wearing sweatshirts and light sweaters in winters and tank tees with denims and flip-flops in summers. I had a very basic style and I feel bad for not experimenting more with my wardrobe. College is a creative space and you can try looking stylish and trendy without being OTT.

Hence I am sharing a few tips and ideas to dress trendily to school and college.





These are a few tips that I feel can be useful to young girls who go to college and are always confused about the type of clothes they should wear and the accessories they should carry. I hope this was helpful. If you have any more tips that you know, please do share and I shall add them and credit you too. If you need any help or questions shoot me a mail or catch me on fb or Twitter. Link is mentioned below. 

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