The Most Stylish Indian Designers

Style is an expression of our personality. We can express our personalities in as many ways as we want. Some express themselves by writing, some by singing, some by dancing, and the list goes on. And then there are people like me who express themselves through clothes. I try to wear clothes that speak about me. Well that doesn't always happen.Sometimes when I want to show my quirky side, I end up looking like some clown! There are hits and misses! (To err is human. duh!)

Indian fashion industry has come a long way. It has become such an essential part of our lives. Designers rule people's wardrobe, people now buy clothes instead of saving for their homes. Wearing designer wear has started to become a necessity. We love few designers and no matter we can afford them or not we love to ogle at them. And for fashion enthusiasts like me, watching their fashion show is just pretty normal. Designers concentrate on their collection and branding, which is good! But then there are few who work on their personalities too. They are not just designers, they are fashionistas and very stylish. I believe and like designers who dress well. It's like a portfolio of what they do. If they look stylish, let's just assume their clothes are going to be stylish too. I am not saying their collection always has to be good. But seeing them wear good clothes makes their work so believable. Is it just me?

Anywhoo, here are my favourite stylish designers, whom I completely love and their style is to die for!

Dislaimer: Dear designer if at all by chance(one in a million that is), you are reading this, please excuse me for not posting better pictures. I had to literally raid your instagram accounts and take screenshots and edit them( which is one hellava job). Why you so camera shy? 

1. The very sexy and bold MASABA GUPTA:

Ok let's face it people, we share surnames, she ought to be stylist! (why am I so lame?) . When it comes to indian wear she loves Anamika Khanna and does justice to the work of that great woman. No indian woman wears the suit like this one. She rocked that pink suit like nobody could. Whoever said curvy woman cannot be stylish needs to just look at this gorgeous girl who makes every outfit her own. And being a true fashionista she loves her blacks! And she wears her work in the best possible way. She is always going to be on the top of my list for her bold and stylish choices.

1. That's how you make black work. Layer necklaces. 2. Isnt't she pretty?her mommy wore the same dress too! 3&4 . Wearing her own iconic prints. 5. Guuurlll, you rock that suit!

The lady in black. Them collarbones!

2. The George Clooney of indian fashion - NIKHIL MEHRA:

This man is the most handsome and hands down my favourite man in our fashion industry. His salt and pepper look , his crisp suits and oh his bow ties are the few things that make him so stylish. He wears colour yet doesn't look OTT. His colour palette is generally charcoal, grey and black with an element of colour. Apart from all of this, I love his shoes! How could I not mention that. He is the most experimental designer and gets it right always. This dapper man only has hits, there ain't no room for misses. (Ok now maybe I should close my mouth and stop smiling). 

Minimalist, crisp, tie and sexy shoes
That's how you wear two almost same looks differently

werkin those colour pants. And please don't ignore the socks

3. Cute as a cupcake - NISHKA LULLA :

Being the daughter of ace designer Neeta Lulla means fashion is in her blood. Being a designer herself she is quite creative and experimental. Like her designer collection which ranges from traditional wear to uber chic, her style is exactly what she designs. Her casual style is my most favourite. Be it wearing her own, a cute dress or distressed denims, she styles them perfectly and defines street style. Her style is a mix of high-street and designer wear. And when it comes to wearing indian clothes, she keeps it super traditional with kanjeevram and jhumkas and flowers!

I can't take my eyes off the shoes

Absolutely love her simplicity 

4. The creator of sexy clothes - NIKHIL THAMPI :

If you see a model or an actress wearing a minimalist, yet sexy clothes, it's got to be Nikhil Thampi's. The young designer is the king of understated sexy and elegance. He loves black and once in an interview he said he would always be caught wearing his denims and a black t-shirt. Well  yeah, he doesn't wear colour! But if you thought black was boring then look at him. He breaks the monotony by pairing his t-shirts with waist coats, OTT broaches , sexy shoes and stylish sunglasses. I love minimal styling and honestly I can wear black all the time, hence his style is something I adore because he keeps rest of his look simple and lets one thing stand out.

Nikhil Thampi doing his usual

5. The vintage queen- NITYA BAJAJ:

If you have seen her collections, you'll know why im calling her the vintage queen. Her clothes have an Audrey Hepburn'esque vibe. She loves pastel colours and mostly sticks to them. Her full midi skirts is her USP. She is also one of those designers who wears her own the best. She knows what her clothes demand and styles them accordingly. And when it comes to indian wear, nobody can win from her. She looks like a Sabyasachi model. She is so experimental when it comes to traditional wear. Be it the clothes, the jewellery, the make-up, she never does it wrong. She has her hits and misses, but I love the fact that she is so experimental. Recently she chose famous bloggers to be the showstoppers for her show, I mean how cool is that! (woot woot)

The dress in the second picture was something she made from her mother's old saree. Thanks for the tip Nitya!
I want everything she is wearing. And her family is stylish too. How cute! and damm I wish I had better pics.

And my list ends. These are my favourites . Please do mention your favourite stylish designers too in the comment section.
It feels good to be blogging after a really long time.

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