This 21st century is by far the weirdest century. People value things more than people. A 2 year old knows how to use an I-phone. Where at a point of time fashion was a luxury available only to a few, in this century fashion has become very much accessible to people of all status. New age fashion isn't about designer and branded stuff. Its about mix of high and low and 'streetstyle' has come like a breath of fresh air. Fashion bloggers are very influential in this change. Well I haven't reached the phase where I influence the decision of a large amount of people, but I influence the fashion choices of my friends and family and its a good start.
There are bloggers with fancy clothes and professional photographers bagged by good graphic designers. And then there are a few like me who is taking a 'selfie' to post her outfits. Well, is this the new age blogging? You never know!

Anyways here I am in my comfort zone wearing a simple monochrome outfit. My favourite leggings from mango with a thrifted shirt, moccasins and a single and im done!