Reasons why you need a pair of black pumps

There are a few things which are super essential and you ought to have them in your wardrobe.
Today while I was just sitting and thinking about super shitty random things, I suddenly saw my black suede zara pumps and realised I have a  connection which is deeper than my connection with my present set of friends. Yeah im totally wierd and stupid. Anyhoo I realised how important black pumps are.

Reasons why you should own a pair of black pumps:

1. They are black! They go with everything. Black is the most versatile colour. Buying a pair of black shoes is nothing but an investment.

2. They elongate your legs. Wearing black pumps with black stockings or leggings give the illusion of being tall. I mean who doesn't wants to look like miss Padukone!?!?!

3. Black shoes have the ability to give you a formal as well as a casual look. Change the outfit, but not the shoes.

4. Nothing is classier and sexier than a pair of pointed black pumps. Period.

5. Last but not the least, this is the only kind of shoes which boys actually like and are not scared by looking at. They hate neon colour heels and are literally scared of spiked shoes. Except fashion forward people like Ranveer Singh. Well that ain't happening. So why not try to impress someone closer to home. ;)

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