Pantone's Colour of the year

Hello you lovely people. I haven't had been blogging regularly because of lot of personal issues and time issues. Let's just say I'm dealing with a lot of bad things and just trying to overcome every problem I'm facing. That's how life should be, don't you agree?

If you are new to fashion let me tell you that every year a colour is chosen by Pantone which is followed by designers and all the fashion people.(please google for further info). So this year the colour is EMERALD GREEN. I am totally in love with the colour. Whenever I hear Emerald green the word sophistication pops into my mind.

I am listing down a few ways as to how you can incorporate this elegant colour into your wardrobe.


The best way to start wearing this colour is as jewelry. Emerald green colour stones and beads are my favourites. Emerald jewelry has been a Red carpet favourite for many celebs. If you want small doses of this colour, then wearing jewelry or accessories of the colour is the best option.

This is a perfect piece for the girls to wear it with casual as well as formal outfits. This beauty is available on 


Emerald green is such a colour which is bright and elegant at the same time. I am definitely going to buy a blouse or a maxi skirt of this colour tone. Emerald green would be apt for a dinner date. If you have a sober party to attend. you can wear long flowy gowns and for a simple outing you could wear blouses and tops of this colour. I absolutely would love to wear bottoms of the colour too. I have picked out a few items from MANGO India's official site which are perfect for a fashionable outing (the best part is they are on sale!). 





If you do not want to wear and entire green outfit or if you feel the colour washes you out or whatever the reason may be, you could wear it in doses, in form of shoes or bags. I love emerald green suede pumps when it comes to shoes and slings and totes when it comes to bags. They just lift up the outfit and give a different look to the entire ensemble.

See how Rachel Bilson does her Green bag with a neutral outfit.


When it comes to cosmetics I am not very experimental. But I would love to incorporate this beautiful green in the form of eye liner. I even have this colour and I love it. Also for a festive look, I liked the combination of green with gold on my eyes. It made my eyes look big and pretty.

These are few ways how you can incorporate this trendy colour into your wardrobe. If you have other ideas do share.

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