DISCLAIMER: Lot of ranting is about to happen!

Today, this very day is 12.12.12. And I thought I should do something memorable this day or at least something memorable should happen. But then nothing special is going to happen nor am I expecting anything from anyone. So I thought I shouldn't let the day just pass by. As you all know I haven't been blogging since a long time, so I decided to dedicate this day to my blog. Though I'm not showing a lot of love towards it, I love this little thing of mine. I don't care if people like it or not. I love this baby and wanted to celebrate this day with it.

I'm going through a period of writer's block, so please excuse all the bull s*** I say.

As it is the 'twelfth day' of the 'twelfth month' of the 'twelfth year' of the 20th century , I would list 12 things, people, trends I loved this year!

I Love...

1. My family and my best friend
2. Ferrero Rocher
3. Floral print trend
4. Oxblood
5. Statement jewellery
6. Black peeptoes
7. Dell laptop
8. Vogue
9. Cat eyes
10. Ian Somerhalder (yeah!)
11. DKNY watch

last but not the least


Loving myself is probably the best thing or lesson I have learn't this year. You cannot love someone truly until you love yourself. And I would advice everyone to first love themselves and you will automatically fall in love with the things around you.

P.S I shall soon be back with reviews and outfit posts.

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