As you all know I am not in delhi anymore. I have moved to my hometown which actually is a small town in Tamilnadu. As I have come here, I cannot wear my western clothes! Because its considered ‘ ‘inappropriate’ & ‘indecent’. In this 21st century we still cannot wear what we want. I know how to dress. I shall never wear shorts or skirts to temples or anywhere which might make people uncomfortable. But then when you are actually wearing decent clothes and even then people come and stare at you, what shall one do?

Once I went to buy few vegetables. I was wearing a kurti (which was not even close to being a deep neck) and leggings. An old lady came and adviced me, rather told me in front of a vendor to wear dupatta. I got so furious. I felt like slapping her. But she was old and I did not even tell her anything. She spoilt my image and respect in front a male vendor. That spoilt my image and not me not wearing a dupatta. I cannot wear a burkha and go to places. That’s not who I am. And I have seen a hell lot of tamilians coming and telling north Indian girls to dress properly. I’m sorry if I’m being linguistic, but this is a problem I have been facing since my childhood. Why should somebody bother about a person completely unrelated to you tell you what to and what not to wear. If you want the society to be good and help, then teach your freaking sons and husbands not to stare at girls.

When I was in the market, middle aged fat ass men were staring and making sounds. How cheap is that? I thought south india is safer as there are lesser rape cases when compared to north india. But I realized that these men do not have the balls to rape someone. They can sit and pass comments like idiots. So pissed off!

By this post I just mean to say that where should one draw a line? What does the society expect from a girl? What is dressing appropriately and decently? I seriously need answers!