I was a little dicey about writing the post. But after getting thumbs up from two really sweet people I know (Shalini di & Komal), I gave it a try.
To be frank I am no expert.So whatever I am going to review or have opinions will completely be from a normal person's point of view.
I appreciate creativity,but I feel clothes should be designed in a way that they are wearable not only by celebrities, but also by infamous and normal people. So my liking towards a particular show or a designer will be based on whether the clothes are 'wearable publicly without looking like a maniac or a clown'.
I love watching fashion shows.As I do not stay in Mumbai,I did not get a chance to see it. And obviously everybody cannot go and be in the front row. So here is the feel of seeing it from the comfort of your own home.


His show was titled 'AARAMBH'. In a nut shell,I did not go gaga over the collection. It was simple with use of simple fabrics. I could not see any creativity. Neither did I enjoy the music. But It was not bad either. It was just ok.


I loved the designer's concept. His show was titled 'IMMORTAL'. The designer showed how the cultural side of India is immortal, but with a twist. The music was apt for his show. The colour palette was restricted to red & black with colourful thread embroidery.


Their collection  was named 'COMICAL FELLOW', The colour palette was yellow,cobalt blue & black. Me likey! I liked the music and the way the show was presented. So dramatic. I wonder how much people would have enjoyed watching the show. The collection was decent, pretty wearable.


The collection was called- 'ITS A BEAUTIFUL LIFE'. The designer stuck to the theme. The music was simple and soothing. The colours were basically white with blue and colourful embroideries. A simple, no fuss and not much creativity. 


The designer named her collection 'STREET ART TO THE FORE'. I liked the concept a lot. The collection was ok! A little mix and match here and there and it can look great for a good casual day outing. Pretty pretty colours.


The collection was named 'PARADIGM'. The collection was good. Androgyny, casual work wear, the colour grey, nerdy glasses, pleated skirts are the few words that describes the collection. I liked how the models wandered and gave a blank and lost sort of look. 

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