Happy monsoon to all of you readers. The time of the year when we have mixed feelings about the rain has come. We have a love-hate relationship with rain.While we cannot stop the rain, we can always be prepared for a rainy day.I have shared a few tips on my FB page HERE, but I thought I shall compile all of it and add some more so that its easier for you all to read.

I know calling it 'RAIN TIPS' is funny, then again isn't rain about all the fun?


 Ditch the boring black umbrellas and go for brighter colours. There are so many colourful and printed umbrellas available. A bright umbrella could make you happy by just looking it at it.


Avoid wearing jeans or anything thick on a rainy day. Try avoiding it even when its drizzling. Wear light fabrics that dry soon and keep you comfortable. Wearing fabrics that do not dry soon can make your skin itchy. If you are comfortable in shorts, then that is the best option. Else you can wear capris or knee length skirts. For those who wear Indian clothes, avoid wearing silk. Stick to chiffon or cotton. Avoid wearing whites and if you want to look all dramatic with white, then do not forget to wear a slip beneath your clothes.


Wear comfortable footwear which have good grip. You do not want to trip on the slippery road. You can either wear colourful open sandals or gum boots, whatever your style is. Both look pretty and comfy. These are available in lot of stores and also online. Buy a beautiful pair to jazz up an outfit. Do not shy away from bright colours.


Do not carry leather bags during monsoons. The water can spoil the bag. You should obviously avoid bags made of cloth. There are bags which are waterproof. They are a must for the rainy weather. Buy bags made of PVC. You can find colourful and pretty looking waterproof bags.


The rain shall just wash away your make up and can make you look like a monster. Avoid using mascara and eye-liner as much as possible. Go for a dewy look with soft cheeks. I would suggest, go for bright lips.And yes paint your nails with the brightest nail paint you own.

All I mean to say with the post is jazz up your outfit even on a rainy day. Don't feel lazy to dress up. By saying wear bright things, I do not mean everything bright. You do not want to look like a clown. Wear the brights in doses. Pair the brights with neutrals or pastels. You are all set to look stylish and comfy for the rains.


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