Hello all. You would have seen a tab called 'FUN ELEMENT' on my page. Well obviously its empty. But today I unveil the fun element. Its not just fashion has collaborated with LITHOSPHERE COMICS . The author is a friend. Very funny obviously, a law graduate, looking for a girl (I think so) , loves being complimented and ya you just have to write something wrong,and bam, the author Mr. Hemant Kumar is definitely going to bug you with all his knowledge. I have to tell you, he is super intelligent, and an amazing person. Has supported me and the blog a lot. He doing this for the blog is more than anything for me. So in return he expects a lot of female followers. And no he is not a pervert, he will be a gentleman to you ladies. Trust me. Mr. Author made a special comic for the blog, how sweet of him to do that. The comic will be unveiled tomorrow.
Do visit the blog tomorrow to read his funny comic.I shall mention the name of his website and other details tomorrow.

Have a nice time fellas.

                                                                        Love, Sindhu