New Love

Hey everybody. If you are following me on twitter you would know I am a little unwell. Whenever I feel down, I get super irritated and super lonely. I miss my mother and my closest friends. Therefore I needed something to just cheer me up or just keep me busy. So I got up from my bed, left the hostel and headed to the market and bought some stuff. I decided to make some accessories for myself. I wanted to give it a try. And I must say im not disappointed. I think I did a pretty decent job. Its not that great, but im just in the learning phase and I wish to get better at this. But I am sure of one thing that i am not getting bored with this thing anytime soon. Its my new found love. 

How did you like it? Is it nice? Please do give me your opinions on this. I shall do an outfit post soon wearing it.  I am going to make more pieces, they will be different than these, probably better version of these.

 Do share your thoughts and views.

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