hello everybody,
                          This is Sindhu Gupta from Delhi presently.I wanted to blog since a long time.But I never had the courage to do so. I always thought I was not meant for it and I could not be  a good blogger.But then it struck my mind that i should not decide this before trying.what's the harm in trying.I should stop acting like a loser and buckle up. So I decided to start a blog and write about everything i love. I love fashion.The prime focus of the blog would be on fashion.But it just wont be fashion its going to be about everything I love and have opinions about.
                          This blog is sort of my personal-public journal.It will have my opinions and I would appreciate if people dont barge in with theirs and make a mess out here. I would appreciate constructive criticism,but unparliamentary words and unhealthy comments will not be appreciated. I am a human and it will definitely bother me.Im no god or a stone who would be unaffected by what people say.In my opinion one should appreciate the efforts taken by other people.
                           I wish to have an amazing blogging experience and hope to meet great people through this world called blogging.Be nice to me.