Everything is an Experiment and Everyday is an Experience.

I heard this quote when I was in 11th grade, and realized that it is so true. Nothing done is bad or useless. It teaches us something and helps us grow. I know how much I have changed in the past few years. If I turn back and look at myself I wouldn’t know me. I have changed emotionally, mentally, physically. I have learnt to come out of my comfort zone and try new things. I wouldn’t say I have been successful. I am still trying and the process is endless.

I try to get inspired by everything around me. People, things, nature, everything inspires me to do something and try something new. I have to mention that I have been inspired by so many bloggers. You may feel I have copied stuff from their blogs, but I would like to say its definitely innocent and I was inspired by their blogs. Me writing blogs was an inspiration from seeing their blogs.

So I have few outfit pictures to be shared which inspire me to try them out. The pictures will show how the current trends are incorporated into daily life. I am also going to try to wear my clothes like this

This is my style.Comfortable yet stylish. Pastel crush.I saw tanvi rock this combination in her latest post.

I know this is similar to the previous one, but this is a perfect wear for travelling. I am naming it the airport style.

For people like me who are shy to try wear neon clothes, this is perfect. Chic much?

Peplum + neon = LOVE.

See how Kardishians wear the neon trend. Definitely want to try something like this.

This is my favourite look. Perfect in all sense. One day I want to see myself wearing something like this. 

So these are few outfits which are currently inspiring me . I will definitely try to incorporate them in my style.
Do share your views on your style and which trend you have been crushing on.

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